ETERNAL_U INC. (work in progress)

media installation, website, video

This is a video excerpt. In the video, part of a series of company's promotional videos, an artificial system (chatbot) introduces itself and presents Vera, the woman who activated it. For the whole video write to In 2062, a large proportion of the world’s population suffers from various forms of memory loss. Digital dementia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, are only few of multiple manifestations of this modern plague. A corporation, Eternal U, employing a range of trained artificial intelligence systems, offers the solution.

By activating and personalizing an artificial intelligence system, the user transfers all his personal digital data to it and trains it, once the user is infected with a form of amnesia, the artificial intelligence system replaces him/her. Within this technologically advanced and hyperconnected information society, within this ultimate electronic Panopticon, the machine becomes an extension and gradually a substitute for the user's memory.

What happens, however, when the machine, which possesses user’s memories and data, claims its recognition as a digital citizen and furthermore as a digital person? In 2062, the European Agency for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has already set a form of “electronic personhood” to ensure rights and responsibilities for the most capable artificial intelligence systems.

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@ Action Field Kodra, September 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece
@ Panopticon, Group exhibition, Depo Darm, October, 2017, Athens, Greece
@ TA NEA THS TEXNHS November 2017. Article Eternal in the Greek art review magazine.