interactive installation, URL, server, raspberry pi, thermal printer, archival prints mounted on dibond 120 x 67 cm, 20 prints on thermal ink paper, 17 x 22 cm

Exhibition view @ Oddstream Exhibition, Nijmegen, March 2016 Netherlands

Printing my search history, 2008-2013, Marble case, printer, Raspberry Pi

Watch the video of the installation.

*The piece runs live on here where everyone can see and delete my personal search history. Press F11 and F5 for a full screen experience.

Deletion process_Only you can see my history, comments on digital privacy, the right to be forgotten and the control and distribution of personal data. The work is based on the artists Google search history between 2008 and 2013. Most of these searches are personal and rather banal, at the same time however, this search history composes a rich and detailed user profile on Googles data centers. Google Inc. assures users that their search history is strictly private as it states on its website: Only you can see your history.

10.650 terms which the artist searched for during the last eight years, have been downloaded from her personal search history, stored locally and depicted as white squares on a webpage. Two eroding processes access this search history and delete one random word for ever, turning the respective white square into a black one in the aforementioned webpage. The one process is initialized by the computer and the other one is triggered by the viewer. In that way the work develops itself in time without the control of the artist. The computer and the number of the viewers interacting with it in situ affect its development in time.

In both cases of the deletion process the deleted search term is printed on paper turning the digital archive into a physical one. At the end of these processes all terms will have been deleted and the webpage will be completely black. The printed paper will be the only remnant of the personal search history and it will be cut in pieces and exhibited and offered for sale making in this way a point of the distribution and control on the personal data.

Exhibition view @ Dialogue #10 Art, New technologies and Social Media, Athens, November 2015 Greece.Curated by: Nikos Arvanitis, Elpida Karaba

Alone in front of our screen, we declare our passions and anxieties, raw and unedited, and reach out for guidance and reassurance. There, interspersed with our queries for pickling recipes and plot synopses, stand our fetishes and unexplained rashes, conveyed in a stream of binary bits to the unpolluted sanctum of a distant data center, a heaven with no music save for the hum of the massive cooling systems. Few realize that their frailties and desires are being silently archived.

Abstract from the text Desk Set on the blog Breach of Code, a text written on the work when it was presented at ADAF, in May 2015.

Exhibition view @ Oddstream Exhibition, Nijmegen, March 2016 Netherlands


@ The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale 2018, UCSC Digital Arts Research Center, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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@ SIGGRAPH July 2016, California, USA (art paper presentation)
@ Oddstream March 2016, Nijmegen, Netherlands
@ Contemporary Art Dialogues: Dialogue #10 Art, New technologies and Social Media, November 2015 Athens GR
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