interactive installation, custome made table, microcontroller, microcomputer, local server,book, certificicate of deletion

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Certification of deletion of personal search history, digital print

This work is the first part of the work Deletion Process Only you can see my history.

The artist uses personal data as raw material and proposes an artwork based on the artist's eight-year Google web history, which includes all the search terms and web sites visited along with exact dates and times. Recent changes in Google account policies made it difficult to download personal data and custom software was written in order to obtain it. Subsequently, the artist deleted all of her past web history from the Google servers and a unique copy of it was stored offline inside a microcomputer used in the installation.

Additionally, a hardback book, designed by the artist, containing the entire web history including its metadata was printed. This microcomputer is embedded inside a hand crafted table while remaining visible under a glass cover. The microcomputer runs a webserver which hosts the aforementioned data. On the table is a button which when pressed activates a wireless private network for a brief period of time. This allows the viewer to connect to the webserver which streams the personal data to all connected devices.

Next to the visible microcomputer, embedded in a glass casing inside the table lies the web history book. The transposition of this data from the private sphere to its explicit exposure forces the spectator into the awkward position of a voyeur and makes him reflect on his own digital identity while raising his awareness on the plethora of information gathered on him.

The work resulted also to a paper. More info here.

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