MEGASTRUCTURES (watching u watching me) (2016)

Face-detection algorithms, drawings, found images, computer, HD screen, webcam, digital prints on aluminium dibond

Watch a screen capture video.

Megastructures beta_version stands as an arbitrary, poetic metaphor of the new conditions related to space, control, surveillance and connectivity, which emerge through the continuous development of technology and the Internet.

A landscape, created from fragments of drawings, edited web images and code, is floating in the Cloud and reveals itself only under the persistent and intrusive gaze of the viewer. The landscape is only shown when the viewer engages and watches (triggered by ofxFaceTracker) mimicking the ways we get observed and surveilled. The boundaries between the observant and the observed prove to be vague and ever changing, like the ones between the digital and the physical space. The work demands the presence and the movement of the viewer in order to be activated and thus to reveal itself. The viewer is tracked and her information is stored in the system. This image is an archive of the observer.

Tracking the viewer, screen capture, digital print

Tracking the viewer, screen capture, digital print

@ Romantso, 'Diko mu', Digital Art Group Exhibition, March 2016, Athens Greece
@ Metamatic, December 2016, Athens GR