workshop for kids, teenagers

I designed a 5-day workshop for teenagers on data, datacenters and datahavens, islands and critical design, in the context of the Tomorrows exhibition curated by Daphne and Panos Dragonas in Athens. The workshop is designed with reference to my recent work The Aegean Datahaven which was part of he exhibition.

In the first part of the workshop we discuss about the data and the metadata, the different ways that are being collected, the storing facilities, the difference between a datacenter and a datahaven. In the second part of the workshop participants are introduced to the main elements of critical design and are invited to design an island and to host infrastructure for specific datasets. An imaginary big map is designed by the whole team in order to locate the islands.

A great crew of teenagers from across the city showed up and we had some really interesting discussion and ideas. A collection of pictures from the workshop can be found here.

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