Stone Bell House, Prague, CZ
26.04.24 - 11.08.24
Art and Technology Biennial INDEX
Braga, PT
09.05.24 - 19.05.24
State of Concept, Athens, GR
24.02.24 - 27.04.24
Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL
11.02.24 - 19.05.24
Piacenza, IT
01.09.23 - 01.09.24
Ars Electronica
19.06.23 - 19.06.24


Zebrastraat, Ghent, BE
01.03.24 - 31.03.24
Ciné Lumière, London, UK
12.02.24 - 12.02.24
iMAL, Brussels, BE
17.11.23 - 18.02.24
Galerie Nord, Berlin, DE
10.11.23 - 13.01.24
Kunsthall Trondheim, NO
12.10.23 - 28.01.24
Heidelberger Kunstverein, DE
02.09.23 - 19.11.23
IMPAKT, Utrecht, NL
02.11.23 - 04.11.23
EMST, Athens, GR
29.09.23 - 01.10.23
Xeno Festival
Lesvos island, Greece
09.08.23 - 16.08.23
Orlické Mt, Czech Republic
28.07.23 - 30.07.23
KOREN, Athens, GR
25.05.23 - 11.06.23
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, SLO
23.05.23 - 17.09.23
Science Gallery London, UK
21.04.23 - 22.04.23
The Breeder, Athens, GR
23.03.23 - 29.04.23
Athens Fashion Film Festival, GR
15.03.23 - 15.03.23
ZKM Karlsruhe, DE
09.03.23 - 09.03.23
Drugo More, Rijeka, HR
23.02.23 - 17.03.23
Data Garden, solo show
Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds, UK
19.01.23 - 01.04.23
EMST, Athens, GR
15.12.22 - 05.11.23
Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, ES
19.10.22 - 07.05.23
Athens, GR
19.11.22 - 19.11.22
Limassol, CY
18.11.22 - 16.12.22
Hong Kong, HK
28.10.22 - 13.11.22
Taipei, TW
22.09.22 - 27.11.22
Warsaw, PL
03.06.22 - 17.07.22
Dolomites, IT
20.05.22 - 25.09.22
Kunstverein Ost, Berlin, DE
28.04.22 - 21.05.22
SixtyEight, Copenhagen, DK
06.05.22 - 18.06.22
Paradoxical E-Traditions, Group exhibition
P.E.T. Athens, GR
12.05.22 - 25.05.22
The Root, Group exhibition
Amphicar, Athens GR
06.05.22 - 15.05.22
Plural Landscapes, Group exhibition
KEIV, Athens, GR
06.05.22 - 15.05.22
24th PhotoBiennale, The Real and the Record 
Thessaloniki, GR
09.10.21 - 20.02.22
Amsterdam, NL
05.11.21 - 15.01.22
ART SCIENCE residency Ars Electronica & Deutsche Telekom
Linz, AT
The New New Fellowship Allianz Kulturstiftung, Bertelsmann Stiftung and Superrr Lab
Thessaloniki, GR
06.11.21 - 06.12.21
IMPAKT festival, Utrecht, NL
03.11.21 - 07.11.21
Athens, GR
01.11.21 - 30.11.21
Rome IT
08.10.21 - 10.10.21
Perama, GR
30.09.21 - 19.11.21
Linz, AT
08.09.21 - 12.09.21
Leeuwarden, NL
12.08.21 - 24.10.21
The right to breathe Greece in USA
virtual exhibition
14.07.21 - 07.10.21
Athens, GR
25.06.21 - 18.07.21
Tallin Art Hall, EST
19.06.21 - 05.09.21
Linz, AT
01.06.21 - 06.06.21
13th Shanghai Biennale Bodies of Water 
Shanghai, CN
16.04.21 - 27.06.21
Museum fuer Neue Kunst, Freiburg, DE
10.02.21 - 18.04.21
Empathy Revisited, New Civic Rituals 5th Istanbul Design Biennale Pera Museum
Istanbul (TR)
INSPIRE PRIZE2020 Data Garden, The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki – MOMus
Thessaloniki, GR
Freiburg (DE)
Data Garden solo show at Onassis Stegi
Athens, GR
Anthropocene on hold online exhibition by PCAI
ON INTERSPECIES NETWORKS, AFFINITIES AND AFFECTIVE INFRASTRUCTURES interview by Delfina Foundation THE ERA OF IMAGES, interviewed by Katerina Zacharopoulou
Drugo More, Rijeka, HR
The Eternal Network at transmediale2020
Berlin, DE
Counting Craters on the Moon, Askioma, Institute of Contemporary Art
Ljubljana, SLO
IASIS, TILT Platform
Loutraki, GR
Resident at Science Technology Society Delfina Foundation
London, UK
Hysterophimia Pavillion at The Wrong-Digital Art Biennale 2019-2020
The Glass Room by Tactical Tech
San Francisco, USA
Am I That Name or That Image?, Museum of Contemporary Art
Skopje, MK
13,700,000 km^3, Art Space Pythagorion
Samos, GR
Paros Festival
Paros, GR
Nostos, Niarchos Cultural Foundation
Athens, GR
Athens Digital Art Festival, GR
Athens, GR
Goethe Institut
Athens, GR
Freeport: Terminal MCR, Abandon Normal Devices
Manchester, UK
Living Networks, Transmediale
Berlin, DE
3 137 artist space
Athens, GR
Athens, GR
#SELFIE#ME (From the self portrait in art to the anti-selfie) Workshop, Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, GR
Mozilla Festival, London, UK
Oddstream, Arnhem, NL
Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, GR
Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale
Amsterdam, NL
Digital Futures 2018 by Victoria & Albert Museum
London, UK
Athens National Observatory, GR
Athens, GR
Dys[u]topia - future hype statement, Taf The Art Foundation
Athens, GR
Artist Talk, Spektrum & ADAF
Athens, GR
Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, Gol, NO,
Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, DE
Near Field Communication Digital Art Biennale 2018, Valencia, Spain
Fellowship award from ARTWORKS Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship Program
Athens, GR
The Perfect Selfie, artist talk at KinderDocs, The Benaki Museum
Athens, GR
The Dutch Art Institute, COOP Academy, Guest Tutor, artist talk and workshop Practicing Articulation, Articulating Practice, Partner: Van Abbemuseum
The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale 2018, UCSC Digital Arts Research Center
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
IMPAKT, Utrecht, NL
'A day in the search engine', Workshop for adolescents, Athens Science Festival
National Gallery of Victoria Triennial 2017, AUS Living on the sea surrounded by the sea at the Triennial Voices
National Gallery of Victoria Triennial, AUS
Article about my work Eternal in the Greek art review TA NEA THS TEXNHS
Artists talks, moderator, Science Fiction : A Journey into the Unknown London's Barbican Centre & Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, GR
Amsterdam, in collaboration with Browserbased and Rietveld Art Academy
Copenhagen, Leap Second Festival in collaboration with and "Kulturnatt"
#SELFIE#ME Workshop, Tomorrows, Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, GR
Panopticon, Group exhibition, Depo Darm
Athens, GR
Brussels, Leap Second Festival in collaboration with Yami-ichi
Data island, Workshop, Tomorrows
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
Athens, GR
Klassenfahrt, Athens Biennale
Collaborative Project, MEMPHIS
Linz, Austria
'I search therefore I am', Workshop on personal data, search engines and privacy alternatives, in collaboration with Ars Electronica and Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, GR
Artist Talk 'Of Zeros and Ones: Memory and Oblivion on the Net', in collaboration with Ars Electronica and Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, GR
Privacy_sessions @ Escape Project, Metamatic Taf
Athens, GR
Escape Project, Metamatic Taf
Athens, GR
Publication of my paper on Leonardo Journal
July, 2016: SIGGRAPH, 43rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques, Art Paper Presentation
California, US
Hackfest, Artist Talk, [HSGR]
Athens, GR
Diko mu, Digital Art Exhibition
Athens, GR
Oddstream Festival
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Artist Talk, Oddstream Festival
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Artist Talk, MEMPHIS
Linz, Austria
Workshop, #10 DIALOGOI, Art, New technologies and Social Media
Athens, GR
#10 DIALOGOI, Art, New technologies and Social Media
Athens, GR
Artist Talk, #10 DIALOGOI, Art, New technologies and Social Media
Athens, GR