installation. video with original text, drawing, digital prints, Augmented Reality, six channel audio piece, video calls

Data Garden, video still. 12 min

Data Garden is about synergies between human and plants, about care, resistance and interdependence. Data Garden is a semi fictional story about a secret garden, a hidden network of plants and roots on Acropolis hill in Athens.

The work is commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi. For video links and portfolio of the work write to

Can anyone think of the future of connectivity beyond surveillance, minimizing the consequences of technological infrastructures on the natural environment? Is it possible for the bond between human and non-human worlds on this planet to be substituted? Can plants, as organisms on which life itself is depended, contribute to the creation and adoption of new practices for the mediated reality?

Data Garden investigates this set of questions by recounting a fictitious narrative that contains elements of truth. The starting point of this work is the recent scientific research on the data storage capacity of the living organisms’ genetic material, as well as on the challenges and moral dilemmas concurrently posed. The audience is invited to envision a network of plants on the Acropolis rock, in which digital information is circulated and stored.

The network is protected by a community of users who in this way maintain the self-disposal of their data. As the storage space transitions from the “cloud” to the earth, and as control passes from the companies to the users, the life circle of data follows that of a plant, fostering a relation of interdependence and care. In a peculiar garden, users become the plants’ gardeners, whereas plants in their turn become gardeners of the stored information.

Curatorial text by Daphne Dragona.