media installation, website, manifesto, maps, posters, stationery, souvenirs, dimensions variable

Athens Datahaven Inc. is a company founded in September 2015 in Athens, Greece and its main focus is on raising awareness and offering solutions about distribution and storage of personal data, digital privacy and security, mainly by investigating off-cloud solutions. At the same time it functions as a platform for discussion and research in the intersection of art and technology. There is an audio manifesto.

Athens Datahaven Inc. is a company made by you for you. You can sell your data or can let others invest on your dataset. Or you can just securely save and protect your data. You can freely and anonymously leave information in the haven.

It is a provocative and yet conscious decision to pick Athens as the domicile (and the name) of Datahaven Inc. The two most important reasons for founding the Datahaven Inc. in Athens are the value of democracy and free speech as it was celebrated in ancient Greece has been part of the process of building a national identity since the creation of the Greek state.

The second reason is that in the aftermath of a possible Grexit and in a post-crisis period the founding of a corporation may bring up possible ways of re-inventing connections between the local and the global, while keep on questioning the current political and economic situation- and this time not through a the process of a not applied referendum.

Thus by exploiting the methods of an already existed system, this grassroots movement utilizes collective action in the local level and maybe later in hyper local one, and under the label Athens Datahaven Inc. critically explores practices and maybe also offers solutions in the way we live and experience our digital lives.

Abstract from interview of the Athens Datahaven Inc. CEO, September 2015